Wheat Thin Spray Paint Cap


These caps are fun, they spray a pretty thin line comparable to old school NY Thins. Like NY Thins, they can spray a bit fuzzy at full blast and depending on brand (more on that below). With a wee bit of can control, these will spray a nice thin line great for outlining and detailing. These are close to NY Thins, but somehow also close to a cross between a Euro Gold Dot and a Grey Dot. They mainly function as a thin cap, but they also have the ability to spray as a somewhat fat cap when pressure being applied is increased. They aren't a super fat, but can function in a pinch and are really great for unique flare tags. Additionally, these act slightly differently based on brand and valve type. On MTN products, Montana Gold and Black, Molotow/Flame, and most other European low-pressure valve brands they spray a soft, thin circular spray pattern but do require some skill with the can to adhere to line quality. On brands with modular valves like Loop and Double A, they spray SUPER nice and consistent thin clean lines.

autumn winter 2022

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