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Vintage Frames Love Collection: Hustlers 24kt Gold

  • LOVE COLLECTION is by far one of the most extravagant yet. Part of an eight piece collectable series, the LOVE Collection takes us on a luxury journey combining two 24KT gold finishes with a combination of classic Vintage Frames Company silhouettes. Each frame is delicately dipped in 24KT gold, mounted with spring hinges for maximum comfort, and paired with some of the highest quality lenses we have to offer. The timeless classics are offered in a yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold base, each with different attributes. Each model’s unique screws can be removed and paired with different models in this collection giving you the options to purchase a couple of colours and change the screws amongst each other. The Hustler was created as a larger alternative to the Detroit Player. Wether you need a larger frame to wear or just like a classic over sized look, the Hustler is an amazing choice.
autumn winter 2022

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