Genie Hybrid Fat Spray Paint Cap

Genie Hybrid Fat Spray Paint Cap


hese spray medium-fat, probably the closest match to a NY Fat...while also being capable of spraying quite thin. How thin? Comparable to a Lego at it's thinnest point (*disclaimer - can control needed!). Additionally, one thing we've noticed with these is that when partially clogged (2nd use), they spray a REALLY nice consistent thin line with very minimal can control effort. As stated above, these mainly function as a fat cap, but they also have the ability to spray as a thin cap when pressure being applied is reduced. Additionally, they do act slightly differently based on brand and valve type. On MTN products, Montana Gold and Black, Molotow/Flame, and most other European low-pressure valve brands they spray a soft, clean 3-4" circular spray pattern. On brands with modular valves like Loop and Double A, they can spray up to 4-4.5" in diameter.

autumn winter 2022

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